Requierements for visa processing

For All teachers

Graduate degree

Bachelor of Education or 1 year diploma after graduation.


2 years after Bachelor of education


course by course evaluation of all degrees from Intermediate onwards at


Following exams to be passed they are conducted in India also, but you have to register online.



The exams that we advice for please confirm by sending email to us which exam you are taking.

Special Ed. teachers :General Curriculum (Interrelated) 81 and 82 (2 hours each) or one
combined exam 581 (4 hours)
Adapted Curriculum (MID,MOID,SPID) 83 and 84 (2 hours each) or one
combined exam 583 (4 hours)
Content Areas for Special Ed.  88 (Maths and Science) AND 87 (Reading,
Language Arts, English and Social Studies)

Regular ed. teachers:
Biology : 26 and 27 OR 526
Chemistry: 28 nd 29 OR 528
Physics: 30 and 31 OR 530
Mathematics: 22 and 23 OR 522
General Science (broad field) 24 and 25 OR 524

Early Childhood Education : 1 and 2 OR 501

Please contact us with any querry and Interview prefernce will be given to those who have worked in USA or those with evaluation and Praxis/GACE